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Be amazed & inspired in our Robot School session! (24th Jun 2018)

What is Robot School about?


It is a programme that helps to teach children to think and learn on their own using their mind and hands to liven up their ideas based on the form built, which would be their original robot creation through educational materials. By doing so, it'll helps to draw out their unique personalities and thus pushing their creative boundaries above their comfort zone. On the other hand, they too will gain scientific knowledge naturally.


Robot School Programme is:

  • A type of learning with no right answer and brings out personalities.
  • They actively try because they enjoy it.
  • Bringing out and increasing their creativity and ambition.
  • “Friends” help grow various skills.


If you wish to know what kind of experience you're able to get from this Robot School, please watch the video below.


★★★ Robot School's Sessions ★★★

FREE Entry
Max. 8 children each session!
24th Jun 2018 (Sun) – 9:30am ~10:30am  (JP) *Fully Booked!
24th Jun 2018 (Sun) – 11:00am ~12:00pm  (EN)* *Fully Booked!
24th Jun 2018 (Sun) – 2:00pm ~ 3:00pm  (EN)* *Fully Booked!
Venue: Into The Woods , 214A South Bridge Rd Singapore 058763

*Japanese staff available for English sessions.

We will notify you in advance when we have a session next time by registering the form below.
In addition, we will inform you if there is a cancel on 24th June.