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Human Academy Robot School Licensing Orientation

Human Academy Robot School is the fastest growing robotics class for children in Japan.

Currently, there are over 20,000 students are learning at 1,200 centres throughout Japan. (as at June 2018.) We hope to bring this popular content to Singapore and look for partners to work together with us. If you are interested, please join the first partnership orientation in Singapore to know more about opportunities awaiting you.

What is Robot School about?

It is a programme that helps to teach children to think and learn on their own using their mind and hands to liven up their ideas based on the form built, which would be their original robot creation through educational materials. By doing so, it’ll helps to draw out their unique personalities and thus pushing their creative boundaries above their comfort zone. On the other hand, they too will gain scientific knowledge naturally.


Robot School Programme is:

  • A type of learning with no right answer and brings out personalities.
  • They actively try because they enjoy it.
  • Bringing out and increasing their creativity and ambition.
  • where they are able to learn various skills through sociability.


What abilities can Robot School develop in kids?

  • Inventiveness: The process of trial-and-error, thinking while building blocks and parts with hands stimulates to the creative ideas and helps to acquire inventiveness.
  • Space Cognition and Space Perception: While playing with blocks and parts, kids can learn the notion of space and nurture ability to think from many perspectives.
  • Creativity: Realizing an image into shapes using blocks and customizing it will give a joy of expressing a freedom of thinking. This will stimulate a notion of creativity.
  • Scientific Knowledge: Scientific knowledge such as “principle of leverage “, “friction “, and mechanism of power driven tools like gears and motors can be learnt through the experience of robot construction.


(7th Human Academy Robotics Class national competition in Tokyo University Japan)
(Robot created by students)

Reason why Human Academy Robot School is chosen:

(Video taken from Robot School’s Workshop on the 24th June 2018)

Contents can captivate children’s interests

  • It will nurture abilities to think, judge, express.
  • All Robot Kits are designed by professional robot creator, Mr. Takahashi who is the inventor of the world’s first talkable astronaut robot, “KIROBO”.
  • Every month, children are introduced to new creations of robots, hence they never get bored.

Ease of opening

  • Classes are twice a month. You can utilize the vacant centre space and time.
  • No equipment investment is required to conduct class.
  • A detailed teacher’s textbook is available, teacher’s trainings are provided, so anyone can conduct courses without highly specialized in any engineering knowledge.

Ease of Lessons’ Continuation

  • Curriculums are designed ranging from pre-schoolers to junior high students.
  • Purchasing basic robot kits are sufficient to complete the whole 48 levels of robotic courses thus less financial burden for students.
  • Monthly learning points can be completed within twice a month classes and it will not drag over a few months. Thus, every month, teacher can accept new students.

Potential Partners are for those who…

  • Passionate in education and wanting to help kids develop their abilities
  • Science, math, engineering degree holder is preferable but not a must
  • A Good communicator
  • are passionate about education, understand our educational principles and agree to follow operational rules and regulations
  • have a good understanding of surrounding market, a space to run HA Robotic classes and its space can cater at least 10 students at one time and allocate at least one teacher specifically for this programme.
  • who can dedicate 90 minutes for one HA Robotic class.
  • who can continuously offer all 48 courses (primary level – 12 classes, basic level – 18 classes, middle level – 18 classes).

★★★ Schedule ★★★

Wed, 25th July (4:00pm ~ 6:00pm) [Japanese]
Thurs, 26th July (4:00pm ~ 6:00pm) [English]

Venue: 146 Robinson Road #12-01 Singapore 068909