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Myanmar Insights 1~Myanmar Thingyan Water Festival

Hi, I’m Pyeetson and I’m from Myanmar. Welcome to my world! The Myanmar Insight series is to introduce you to the basics and the dos’ and don’ts related to Myanmar’s culture, language and traditions for all types of people who are interested in this lovely country.


So it’s going to be April soon which means it’s going to be the time for Myanmar’s New Year soon!!! This period marks the most exciting festival of the year – the “Thingyan” Water Festival – which as its name suggests is celebrated with water. Yup, it’s celebrated with water and so you will get splashed everywhere you go during this time, so beware travellers during this period! The Thingyan festival usually lasts for 4 days, from 13th to 16th and 17th is the New Year’s Day. The whole meaning to this traditional festival is to reflect back of the things we have done (good or bad) over the past year, and cleanse our past “sins” with water for a fresh start.



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During this longest holiday period of the year in Myanmar, businesses will usually halt so be prepared to stock up some food in advance if you don’t want to get wet. While roads and popular destinations can be full of holiday gangers and people crazily dancing on stages and throwing water with big pipes; there are also those who choose to sit quietly at home, monasteries or meditation centers to carry out good deeds. As Myanmar is heavily influenced by Buddhism, there will also be lots of people donating food, drinks and traditional snacks during this time.


This may be a short blog, but I hope you’ve learnt at least some stuff about Myanmar’s New Year! It may be a nice time for a holiday in Myanmar, but for businesses in general, it may be a quiet period as this is a nationwide celebration.



I'm sure you have lots of questions regarding Myanmar now! Whatever question there is, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.