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Announcement of the launch of new company “GPC Gateway Pte. Ltd.”

GPC is pleased to announce that we have launched a new company, GPC Gateway Pte. Ltd. to support strategic overseas expansion in Southeast Asia. It has commenced operations on August 1, 2020.

■ Background of the establishment of “GPC Gateway Pte. Ltd.”

Since the GPC Group’s establishment in Singapore in 2010, we have assisted many Japanese companies with their overseas market expansion in Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and other ASEAN countries. In addition, we have also assisted local companies with their international ventures to Japan.

Whether it’s a Singaporean company needing product licensing checks, or a global company needing marketing expertise targeting towards the Japan market, our clients can rely on GPC to tackle any challenges and take advantage of the opportunities. With the strong support and relationships we have built with our clients and partners across Southeast Asia, GPC Singapore has advanced towards its 11th year in the management consulting space.

GPC Gateway Pte. Ltd. was established to provide a more robust one-stop advisory service to companies in their business and M&A advisory activities in Southeast Asia. With our diverse team of consultants that bring profound knowledge of different industries, we combine our global expertise and strive to act as a bridge between Japan and Singapore.

The name “GPC Gateway” symbolizes:
1) Using Singapore as a strategic “Gateway” for companies to enter the ASEAN market, and
2) GPC as a “Gateway” for companies to succeed in expanding their businesses into Southeast Asia.

GPC Gateway will be the direct point of contact for all business functions, including business development, M&A, test marketing and regional office establishments.

We work in a uniquely collaborative model across all GPC group of companies to deliver results to clients. We will continue to provide excellent service quality together with GPC Head Office (Japan), GPC Avic (Singapore Accounting Office), and GPC Research and Training (Singapore Marketing Company).

■ Services

  • General consultation on business expansion into Southeast Asia (business development, M&A, test marketing, regional office establishment)
  • ASEAN market entry support
  • Strategy planning and execution
  • Business matching (finding a local distributor/partner)
  • Business restructuring support
  • Business partner background check
  • Providing information on exclusive M&A “sell” deals
  • Financial advisory on M&A “buy” side
  • Valuation, Financial & Tax Due Diligence
  • PMI support

■ Company Profile
Company name: GPC Gateway Pte. Ltd.
URL: https://www.gpc-gr.com/
Business activities: General consultation, cross border business and M&A advisory services in Singapore and Southeast Asia
Address: 112 Robinson Road #07-04 Singapore 068902
CEO: Yasuo Sekiguchi

■ For more information, please contact:
Yuki Itakura, Miho Izumi, Hideo Yamashita
Tel: +65 6221 5109