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“Everyday Japan Expo” MELO became First “Sterilized” Retail Shop in ASEAN

~Setting Higher Standard of Safety & Comfort to our customers in Singapore from MELO @Funan Mall~

During Post-Covid regime in Singapore, with Innovation & Technology from Japan, now MELO, managed by Global Partners Consulting Group is introducing the First Sterilized Retail Shop in ASEAN to ensure its customers and staff can visit and work at the shop with level of comfort.

“Even with strong government supports in Singapore to contain & improve COVID era, We believe there is something commercial side can contribute to get our economy back to pre-COVID era. By our collaboration with Japan Trust Chemical Co., Ltd, our retail shop now become fully sterilized shop for our dear customers and hard-working shop staff. Our top priority is always safety of our staff and we hope other business owners feel the same to set higher standard in Singapore together.“

Proven technology from Japan, provided by Japan Trust Chemical Co., Ltd (HQ: Tokyo, CEO: Hidemi Kawanobe) shows outstanding results “once mist touched, it shows results of No germ or virus within 15 seconds through 3 minutes.

[TR + amazing bio-degrade ability]

[Comparison with TR + other companies’ products]

MELO would like its shoppers to feel safer in this environment and to lead all of the retail shop environment with this advanced technology solution in Singapore.

Please stop by MELO @ Funan Mall  just to get some mist from this product then go shopping and dining with your loved ones.

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■About Japan Trust Chemical Co., Ltd (https://jtrc.tokyo/tr-plus/ )-Japan

With our Motto “Harmony in Human & Environment”, the company has been providing new Health Management System and Technology with Eco-friendly.

In our daily living space, there are always bacteria, virus and mold spore, which cause potential food poisoning and infection. Our core products (TR+ Series) allow us to disinfect harmful microorganism in the air with very strong removal power at the same time, to remove unpleasant odor from its surroundings. 

Our Top priority is our safety. The product is safe to all generations as well as our earth by returning to water after its use.

In Japan, it’s been recognized by hygiene professionals in food, medical, education & nursing home industries due to its effectiveness and safety measures.

This is our mission to produce “solution-driven” products by preserving the nature and continuing better environment for our next generation.

■About Global Partners Consulting (https://www.gpc-gr.com )

We are a consulting firm specialized in assisting Japanese companies to expand its business in Asia with our office in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

We believe “through embracing different cultures and values, we dedicate ourselves to providing our client corporations with unique services that no one else can offer. In addition, through honing our competence in execution, influence, relationship-building and strategic thinking, we are continuously improving ourselves to offer even better consulting services to help our client corporations grow.”

Our unique services range from “Sell-side” M&A Financial Advisory (Only one among Japanese firms in SG), “Full-outsource” Accounting Dept Service, Expo-Style Retail Shop” MELO!” and No.1 SG Employment Pass Consulting Service by our solution-driven consulting team.

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