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GPC, a Consulting Firm Specialising in Giving a OneStop Service for Business Expansion in Asia,Selected from MOM as the only Japanese Company to Provide Educational Qualification Verification forEP Applications

A mandatory document to be submitted when applying for
Employment Pass in Singapore

GPC Gateway Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of Global Partners Consulting Pte. Ltd is a consulting firm providing overseas expansion advisory service mainly to Asia Pacific countries, has been selected from Ministry of Manpower (hereinafter “MOM”) to provide Educational Qualification Verification services, accredited from the Singapore Government. GPC is the only Japanese company to be selected out of a total of 12 companies that can issue a “Third-party Certificate of Educational Verification”, which will become a mandatory procedure for new Employment Pass applications in Singapore from September 2023.

■ Background

With the aim of ensuring the quality of foreign workers, Singapore plans to significantly revise the procedures for obtaining work visas (Employment Pass, hereinafter “EP”) for management-level expatriates from September 2023. One of the revised procedures is to submit a “Third-party Certificate of Educational Verification”. Currently the applicant must submit an English Graduation Certificate when applying for an EP, and from September 2023, it will be mandatory to obtain an additional certification to prove that the institution is accredited and the applicant’s qualification is authentic. Furthermore, from September 2024, those who are already working in Singapore with an EP will be required to submit the education verification certificate when renewing their EP.

■ GPC Service

GPC, a consulting firm providing overseas expansion advisory services mainly to Asia Pacific countries, has been officially selected by the Singapore Government to provide Educational Qualification Verification services for Japanese educational institutions. GPC is one of the 12 companies selected by the Singapore Government with GPC being the only Japanese company. We will provide service totally in Japanese with staff who are well versed in Japanese academic credentials. This service is scheduled to commence on 1st September 2023 and will be seamlessly linked with other HR consulting services (including Singapore EP application and renewal applications from our group company). We are confident that we will be able to help companies smoothly deploy human resources to Singapore.

■ About GPC

GPC, a part of the Global Partners Consulting Group, is an independent consulting firm comprised from professionals in various fields specialising in solving clients’ business issues in the Asian region. GPC provides seamless consulting services based on our professional experience, knowledge, information and network. GPC have experience in negotiating for business alliances and new business creation with more than 200 local companies per year, as well as HR consulting services in Singapore totalling more than 300 cases. We are committed to helping our clients make the ‘Fair decision’ and achieving ‘Sustainable growth’.