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Global Partners Consulting (GPC), a Consulting Firm Specializing in Providing a One-Stop Service for Overseas Business Expansion in Asia, Supported Singapore’s Oriental Steamed Bun Manufacturer Lim Kee Food Manufacturing Pte Ltd (Lim Kee)’s Japan Market Expansion, and Finally Starts Full-scale Sales Activities For Japan From This August, 2023

GPC provided a comprehensive step-by-step support for Lim Kee’s Japan expansion into 3 phases

Global Partners Consulting Pte. Ltd. is a consulting firm that supports overseas business expansion mainly in Asia-Pacific region including Southeast Asia, has been providing a comprehensive support for Lim Kee Food Manufacturing Pte. Ltd. (Head office: Singapore, CEO: Ang He Siong, hereinafter “Lim Kee”) for its export business expansion into the Japanese market. The business expansion plans were conducted into 3 phases to assist Lim Kee’s in entering the Japan market. After the completion of Phase 1 and 2 of the projects, we will finally move on to Phase 3 from this fiscal year where Lim Kee will start a full-scale business expansion for the Japan market.


Lim Kee is a Singapore-based manufacturer of Oriental Steamed Buns with over 30 years of industry experience. As part of its overseas strategy, Lim Kee has expanded into the UK, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Cambodia. Amongst Lim Kee’s more than 40 types of products, instead of using animal proteins such as beef and pork as raw materials, Lim Kee created a new range of vegan steamed oriental buns with plant-based proteins in distinctive flavours representative of Singapore’s food cuisine and culture. This move not only reduces the barriers to exporting to each country due to varying regulations, but it is also a sustainable product series which considers consumers preference and beliefs. Tapping on GPC’s deep expertise in overseas business expansion and industry networks in Japan, GPC provided Lim Kee with advice and assistance in entering the Japan market which is a targeted market next on Lim Kee’s export business expansion plan.

▲ Lim Kee’s products for overseas export

■Details of GPC’s support

GPC supported the Japan market expansion ambitions of Lim Kee in three (3) phases:

・Phase 1

In Phase 1, GPC conducted market research on Japan market and evaluated the viability of exporting its products to Japan. In addition to conducting market research and analysis on competitors, value chain and sales channels, GPC also examined whether any of the raw materials in Lim Kee’s intended export products were regulated by Japan and proposed alternative materials if prohibited ingredients were found.

・Phase 2

In Phase 2, GPC prepared sales materials in Japanese for the team in preparation for Lim Kee’s upcoming business development or sales activities with the help of GPC’s Japan market specialist who are familiar with the distinction of business culture and working style of Japanese companies. GPC also compiled a list of potential distributers and retailers and helped to arranged close to 5 business meetings for Lim Kee to meet with Japanese food importers and distributors who were keen in Lim Kee’s products. Through the meeting, Lim Kee benefitted greatly and developed an appreciation for Japanese business culture and the practical actions needed in developing and establishing a business in Japan.

▲Lim Kee’s sales materials in Japanese

・Phase 3

Starting from August 2023, Lim Kee will start embarking on extensive sales efforts to enter Japan market. GPC also formed a team consisting of its own members from GPC’s group company based in Tokyo to provide comprehensive market development and sales support including arranging on site business meetings and participating in exhibitions. If you are a distributor or a retailer keen to know more about Lim Kee’s oriental vegan steamed buns, please contact us at the email address below.

Email: globalpr@gpc-gr.com

■About Lim Kee

Founded in 1982, Lim Kee is an oriental steamed bun manufacturing company headquartered in Singapore that started with a small retail shop in Ang Mo Kio, a local district in Singapore where blue-collar workers resided. Fast forward to today, Lim Kee is serving more than 1,000 partners in the major food retailers, supermarkets and the food service industry every day in Singapore as well as overseas markets such as UK, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Cambodia all from their 16,000ft (appro. 1,500m2) integrated manufacturing and processing facility in the northern part of Singapore. Lim Kee also uphold and sets high standards for its manufacturing and quality practices and assurance with obtaining ISO22000, an international food safety standard, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), SQC (Singapore Excellent Quality Class) certifications. In 2018, Lim Kee started manufacturing steamed vegan oriental buns that fuses Singapore’s food cuisine with state-of-the-art alternative protein. Lim Kee have begun the challenge of packing the “traditional taste of Singapore” into a traditional Chinese bun and delivering them to people around the world.

■About GPC

GPC, part of the Global Partners Consulting Group, is a fully independent consulting firm comprising professionals in various fields specialising in solving clients’ business issues in the Asian region. GPC provides seamless consulting services based on our professional experience, knowledge, information and networks. GPC has experience in negotiating for business alliances and new business creation with more than 200 local companies per year, as well as HR consulting projects in Singapore totalling in more than 300 cases. We are committed to helping our clients make the “Fair decisions” and achieving “Sustainable growth”.

If you are interested in Japan market, overseas business expansion or want to participate in business matching events with companies from around the world, please contact us for more information.

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