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GPC, a Consulting Firm Specializing in Giving a One-Stop Service for Business Expansion in Asia, welcomes 9 high school students from Meikei Gakuen High School

Introducing the details of consulting work, working in Singapore and outside of Japan, and the differences of women’s social advancement in Singapore

Global Partners Consulting Pte Ltd. is a consulting firm that supports overseas business expansion mainly in the Asia-Pacific region including Southeast Asia, hosted a company visit by 9 high school students from Meikei Gakuen High School. A consultant from a Japanese consulting firm in Singapore gave an introduction to consulting work, working as a Japanese in Singapore and Southeast Asia, and the advancement of women in society.


Meikei Gakuen High School conducts a ‘corporate training’ programme in which students interview people working overseas during school excursions, in order to meet Japanese people who are active overseas and to visit and observe Japanese companies and local companies to give the students a positive image of working overseas in the future. GPC, a consulting firm that supports overseas expansion into Singapore and other Asian countries, held a ‘corporate training’ for 9 high school students on 12th October 2023 as a local company for Meikei Gakuen High School’s corporate visit.

Details of the Company Visit

A Japanese female consultant from GPC gave an introduction of the company, its operations, the backgrounds of its multinational staff and explained Singapore’s positioning in the world. She also introduced what she values in her work as a consultant, her reasons for working in Singapore and how she works as a woman outside Japan. It was an opportunity for lively discussions with many questions asked during the Q&A session, such as;

  • The reason why the consultant studied abroad in high school
  • What was found difficult as a consultant
  • What should be done to increase opportunities for Japanese women to play an active role at work

GPC believes that the global education of the younger generation will help to globalise Japan as a whole in the future and will continue to actively host such company visits and overseas training courses as part of its CSR activities.

▲During the company visit
▲ Group photo with 9 students from Meikei Gakuen High School and the consultant

About Meikei Gakuen Junior and Senior High School

Myogeki Gakuen was founded in 1979 by the Meikeikai, an alumni association of the University of Tsukuba and Tokyo University of Education, as an experimental school to respond to criticisms of secondary school education that placed too much emphasis on academic achievement, and to educate the children of researchers in Tsukuba Science City, the largest science city in Japan. Since its opening, the school has placed an emphasis on international understanding education, and provides a holistic and comprehensive education that emphasises the ability to make the right choices and decisions, a strong can-do attitude and a rich spirit.

In 2017, the school became an International Baccalaureate (IB) accredited school, the mission and purpose of which is to “develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who, through understanding and respect for diverse cultures, will contribute to building a better, more peaceful world”. In order to realise this mission and goal, the school is one of approximately 5,500 IB schools accredited in more than 159 countries and regions around the world. In addition to the integrated junior and senior high school education programme that the school has developed over the past 40 years, the school is also taking advantage of its location in the international city of Tsukuba to collaborate with and support national research institutes, educational institutions and corporations.

■ About GPC
GPC, part of the Global Partners Consulting Group, is a fully independent consulting firm comprising professionals in various fields specialising in solving clients’ business issues in the Asian region. GPC provides seamless consulting services based on our professional experience, knowledge, information and networks. GPC has experience in negotiating for business alliances and new business creation with more than 200 local companies per year, as well as HR consulting projects in Singapore totalling in more than 300 cases. We are committed to helping our clients make the “Fair decisions” and achieving “Sustainable growth”.

【Company Profile】
Company Name: Global Partners Consulting Inc
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CEO: Yasuo Sekiguchi
Incorporation: 2000

Global Partners Consulting Group is an independent consulting firm that serves a wide range of client needs in business management, accounting and finance, overseas expansion, IT, and marketing. In addition to its head office in Japan, GPC Group has four overseas offices and has helped more than 800 Japanese companies to succeed overseas in Singapore and other parts of Asia.

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