Our company will be closed from Dec 30th - Jan 4th 2024, and will resume operations on Jan 5, 2024.

Unlocking the Future of AI: Empowering the Next Generation

Collaborate with Us: March 2024 Mission Callout

SINGAPORE & VIETNAM – Leading the charge in AI-driven business solutions, Global Partners Consulting Pte. Ltd is a consulting firm providing overseas expansion advisory service mainly to Asia Pacific countries is excited to introduce its groundbreaking “AI Consulting” Internship Program in collaboration with its group company, Functional AI Partners, set to commence on December 1st, 2023. This strategic initiative brings together 9 of the brightest university and graduate scholars from Singapore and Vietnam.

Harness AI’s Power with GPC: Open for Collaborative Missions

In an era where AI’s prowess is redefining business landscapes and causing ripples across the job market, GPC is poised to leverage these transformative technologies, ensuring companies and entrepreneurs stay ahead of the curve.

AI in the Limelight: A Global Perspective

Recent data from renowned international media outlets underscore the AI revolution:

CNBS: A projected 25% of job roles will be AI-influenced within five years.

New York Times: A significant 80% of American job tasks are now AI-compatible.

Forbes: A whopping 500 million white-collar positions will undergo an AI transformation in the next half-decade.

Program Insights: Cultivating AI-Ready Talent with Real-World Impact

“Our mission is twofold: to usher businesses into the AI age and to foster a culture of curiosity and innovation among our interns. Their fresh perspectives, combined with GPC’s expertise, will pioneer AI solutions tailored to contemporary business challenges.”

Structured with a dynamic approach, the AI Consulting Project spans five months, wherein each month is dedicated to a unique mission. With a team-based methodology (2 teams in Singapore and 1 in Vietnam), each month culminates in a riveting presentation showdown, streamed live on GPC’s LinkedIn and Facebook platforms.

Here are a few examples of Missions our team will solve:


To address “busy business owners” concerns to handle quadruple communication channel chaos to assist Human Inefficiency in private & work life.

Mission 2: [Jan’24] Fully-AI run “Market Research”

Can current technology do better “Market Research” to enter the new market than old-fashion research method? Let’s try and find out.

Collaborate with Us: March 2024 Mission Callout

We’re opening our doors for collaborative mission ideas for March ’24. If you’ve got a challenge ripe for an AI solution, reach out at globalpr@gpc-gr.com or drop us a message on LinkedIn.

Please give us the following call out information:
  • Your contact information
  • What “Human Inefficiency” at your work would you like to solve? (Please be specific)
  • What is your ideal outcome? (“I wish I could” statement)

■ About GPC
GPC, part of the Global Partners Consulting Group, is a fully independent consulting firm comprising professionals in various fields specialising in solving clients’ business issues in the Asian region. GPC provides seamless consulting services based on our professional experience, knowledge, information and networks. GPC has experience in negotiating for business alliances and new business creation with more than 200 local companies per year, as well as HR consulting projects in Singapore totalling in more than 300 cases. We are committed to helping our clients make the “Fair decisions” and achieving “Sustainable growth”.

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Company Name: Global Partners Consulting Inc
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Incorporation: 2000

Global Partners Consulting Group is an independent consulting firm that serves a wide range of client needs in business management, accounting and finance, overseas expansion, IT, and marketing. In addition to its head office in Japan, the GPC Group has four overseas offices and has helped more than 800 Japanese companies to succeed overseas in Singapore and other parts of Asia. For the past 20 years, the GPC Group has been a corporate adviser to multinational companies and SMEs in Japan and Asia. As more and more companies seek cross-border strategic business alliances and investment opportunities, the Group will continue to work together to provide and pursue innovative and practical solutions and support to meet the strategic interests and needs of our valued clients.

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