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GPC, a Consulting Firm Specializing in Giving a One-Stop Service for Business Expansion in Asia, Supports Singaporean Women’s Shoe Brand PAZZION in Japanese Expansion – Empowering Working Women from the Ground Up

Global Partners Consulting Pte. Ltd. is a consultancy firm specializing in overseas expansion primarily across Asia-Pacific countries, is providing comprehensive support for the full-fledged entry of PAZZION, a women’s shoe brand yet to debut in Japan (Headquarters: Singapore, CEO: Tom Ng, hereinafter ‘PAZZION’). Leveraging insights from their 20th-anniversary market research, PAZZION is set to initiate its substantial entry into the Japanese market starting in 2024. 


In Singapore, which ranks fourth globally for women’s employment rates, many families with children have both parents working (*). This environment has fostered a demand for versatile fashion that suits both professional and personal settings. PAZZION, a ladies’ shoe brand that originated in Singapore and operates across 10 Asian countries with 50 stores, embraces the concept of “Effortlessly Stylish.”

The brand uses shoe molds based on extensive research into Asian women’s feet, ensuring a comfortable fit using soft, genuine leather materials. This blend of comfort and design has gained popularity among Singaporean women for its wearability from office to leisure.

Having gained attention as a sought-after souvenir among Japanese women visiting Singapore, PAZZION, marking its 20th anniversary, conducted market research to venture into Japan, a key hub for Asian fashion.

(*) Singapore Ministry of Manpower Labour Force in Singapore 2022 Report

Popular series of PAZZION

Support by GPC

To facilitate this expansion, GPC has provided comprehensive support, including market selection, competitive analysis, brand positioning understanding, consumer needs assessment, and crafting key brand messages.

Having completed the market research phase in 2023, GPC is set to commence substantial operational support for PAZZION’s business activities in Japan from 2024. Planned initiatives for their inaugural year in Japan include participation in exhibitions, assistance in negotiations with Japanese partners, and hosting pop-up stores to gauge interest among Japanese consumers.

Fashion brands in Japan interested in collaborating with PAZZION are encouraged to reach out via email: globalpr@gpc-gr.com


Established in 2003, PAZZION, headquartered in Singapore, specializes in women’s footwear. With a presence in 10 countries and 50 stores, including a flagship store in Takashimaya, Singapore, the brand has maintained a reputation for impeccable design and comfort. Accompanying women in various life stages, from young professionals to mothers, PAZZION offers a wide range of products, from everyday wear to travel-friendly options. As they mark their 20th anniversary, PAZZION remains committed to delivering quality, comfort, and refined design to women worldwide.

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