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GPC Gateway Pte Ltd – Designing a Sustainable Future by Co-creating with Singapore SDG Enterprises

GPC Gateway Pte. Ltd., (Based in Singapore, hereinafter “GPC Gateway”), a consulting firm providing overseas expansion advisory services mainly to Asia Pacific countries,supportedthestrategic business alliance between Advance Sports Technologies Pte Ltd (BasedinSingapore,Ching Heng Pooh (Technical Director), Wong Gertrude (Creative Director),hereinafter“AST”)andMirage Design Landscape and Contract Pte Ltd (Based in Singapore, Ow Tai Yip (Executive Chairman and founder),hereinafter“MDL”),asubsidiaryofUNIVERSAL ENGEISHA Co., Ltd (Based in Japan, Takumi Morisaka (Chairman), Tsuyoshi Abe (President), hereinafter “UNIVERSAL ENGEISHA”).

From left : AST (Asst. Sales Manager – Wan Desmond, Technical Director – Ching Heng Pooh, Creative Director – Wong Gertrude)、
MDL (Deputy Managing Director – Seki Takeshi)、GPC Gateway (Senior Consultant – Gary Tan, Assistant Manager – Kazuya Sakurai)

Growing awareness of global warming, energy-saving orientation, increased demand for plants due to remote work and other factors, and the activation of wall greening and rooftop greening activities due to corporate SDGs initiatives, have increased the focus on the green industry.

AST provides a full range of services from the construction of sports facilities and installation of artificial turf using its own brand of high-quality GreenTurf artificial turf products.

MDL provides creative landscape design for residential, commercial and public spaces to create spaces that exceed customer expectations. As a subsidiary of UNIVERSAL ENGEISHA, the only listed company in the horticulture industry, MDL is also able to handle a wide range of greening projects.

The strategic business alliance between AST and MDL is expected to generate multiple benefits that will primarily contribute to the following SDGs

Goal 15

Life on Land
The strategic business alliance enables urban areas to be in harmony with nature and contributes to raising awareness of further long-term environmental protection among people around the world.

Goal 11

Sustainable Cities and Communities
The use of high-quality artificial turf and environmentally friendly landscape design promotes sustainable urban development and the conservation of natural resources.

Goal 3

Good Health and Well-being
Promotes a healthier and more sustainable society through the reduction of environmental impact and the creation of green public spaces.

Goal 8

Decent Work and Economic Growth
The creation of new green public spaces contributes to stimulating the local economy and creating quality jobs. These initiatives promote sustainable development in terms of both the environment and the socio-economy.

Goal 12

Responsible Consumption and Production
This initiative contributes to sustainable consumption and production patterns by striking a balance between environmental protection and economic growth.

This business alliance will look to provide a consistent, high-quality service to customers through joint project implementation, technology sharing and mutual utilisation of resources. This collaboration will increase the potential for more creative and practical solutions in design and construction in the exterior spaces of commercial, public spaces and residential projects, thereby strengthening both companies’ position within the industry and aiming for sustainable growth.

Advance Sports Technologies Pte Ltd
Business Description: Design and Deliver of Sports and Architectural Finishes Solutions. Brand developer of GreenTurf Indirect Contact with Nature Solutions
Establishment: July 2009
Address: 53 Ubi Ave 1, #05-16 Paya Ubi Industrial Park, Singapore 408934
Company Representative: Ching Heng Pooh (Technical Director), Wong Gertrude (Creative Director)
Website: https://www.astpl.com.sg/
In-house brand website: https://greenturf.asia/

Mirage Design Landscape and Contract Pte Ltd
Business Description: High-quality landscaping, and horticultural services based in Singapore
Establishment: March 2002
Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard Marina Square, Singapore 039594
Company Representative: Ow Tai Yip (Executive Chairman and Founder)
Website: https://www.miragels.com/

Listing Category: Tokyo Standard Market (Stock code: 6061)
Business Description: Plant rentals and sales of gifts, fresh flowers and ornamental plants to offices and commercial establishments
Establishment: February 1974
(Osaka Head Office) 193-2 Saho, Ibaraki-shi, Osaka, JPN
(Tokyo Head Office) 5-11 Hakozaki-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, JPN
Company Representative: Takumi Morisaka (Chairman) Tsuyoshi Abe (President)
Website: https://uni-green.co.jp/en/

GPC Gateway Pte. Ltd.

We provide a wide variety of consulting services in Business Management, Accounting and Finance, Overseas Expansion, IT and Marketing.

Address: 80 ROBINSON ROAD #10-01A SINGAPORE 068898

Director: Miho Izumi, Yuki Itakura, Hideo Yamashita

Achievements: GPC group including GPC Gateway has supported the success of more than 800 Japanese companies expanding in the Asia Pacific region including Singapore for the past 20 years. Serving as corporate advisor to multinational corporations and SMEs in Japan and Asia, we have been dedicated to providing innovative and practical solutions. In an environment where an increasing number of companies seek strategic business partnerships and investment opportunities across borders, our group remains united to meet the strategic interests and needs of our valued clients. We are committed to continually delivering innovative and practical solutions and support to help our clients navigate and capitalize on opportunities in the dynamic business landscape.

Company Name: GPC Gateway Pte. Ltd.
Address: 80 ROBINSON ROAD #10-01A SINGAPORE 068898
E-mail: info@gpc-gr.com
Tel: +65 6221 5109
PIC: Kazuya Sakurai

Company Name: GPC Gateway Pte. Ltd.
Address: 80 ROBINSON ROAD #10-01A SINGAPORE 068898
Translator: Ayumi Taki

  • Doshisha University (Japan)
  • Singapore Airline’s Crew for more than 8 years
  • Worked for Japanese medical aesthetic clinic for a year as a professional translator for medical doctors to communicate with Japanese patients
  • After joining GPC, fully utilizing her extensive experiences of travel industry as well as professional translation, she is helping projects that requires research and arrangement of clients cross-border business trips.