Our company will be closed from Dec 30th - Jan 4th 2024, and will resume operations on Jan 5, 2024.

GPC Gateway develops a new system in partnership with Binal Co., Ltd. and Global Partners Technology Co., Ltd. to transform cross-border M&A into DX

Focusing on resolving management challenges specific to the South Asian market, GPC Gateway Pte Ltd (Head Office: Singapore, hereinafter “GPC Gateway”) has joined forces with its strategic partner, Binal Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Nagoya City Aichi, CEO: Okamoto Haruhiko, hereinafter “BINAL”), along with its Singapore subsidiary, BINAL Asia Pacific (SG) Pte Ltd (Director: Aoyama Shinji), and GPC Gateway’s group company, Global Partners Technology Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo, Director: Sakamoto Shunsuke, hereinafter “GPTech”), to develop a system aimed at advancing the digitization of cross-border M&A.

Developer Profile

Joab Ler

  • Joined Binal in 2020 as a systems developer.
  • Involved in multiple development projects in Singapore and Japan, customising Binal’s solutions and developing new features to further improve existing solutions
  • With the signing of the business partnership agreement between GPC Group and Binal in 2024, joined GPC Group and have since been involved in the CIO outsourcing business
  • Proficient in English, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese

Background of the New System Development

Due to the challenge of an increasing number of sales opportunities in the overseas M&A market, leading to a complexity in identifying potential acquisition targets. The process of identifying these targets was time-consuming and resource-intensive, requiring significant improvements to achieve efficient matching.

Furthermore, recognizing the need to not only improve operational efficiency, but also to improve the quality of cross-border M&A transactions is essential and continuously improve the value we provide to our customers. Trends in the cross-border M&A market are changing rapidly every day, and quick and accurate decision-making is the key to success. In order to respond flexibly to these market changes and provide faster and more accurate services to our customers, we have begun developing a new system.

■ Approach to SDGs in Collaborative Development

At GPC Group, we are actively engaged in efforts to address the globally relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and we believe that this collaborative development will primarily contribute to the following SDGs:

Building the Foundation for Industrial and Technological Innovation
(SDGs Goal 9)

We anticipate that this new system will serve as an example of technological innovation within the industry, fostering the development of more efficient and sustainable industries. Leveraging AI and data analysis for automation processes will enable effective resource utilization and process optimization, contributing to overall productivity enhancement within the industry.

Building Sustainable Communities (SDGs Goal 11)

We believe that the streamlining of the cross-border M&A market can contribute to the revitalization of economic activities and the sustainable development of cities and communities. Efficient cross-border M&A transactions lead to the creation of new business opportunities and the expansion of employment opportunities, thus promoting sustainable urban development and sound economic growth.

Achieving Goals through Partnerships (SDGs Goal 17)

Through this collaborative development, it is possible to strengthen international partnerships, showcasing the importance of cooperation across different sectors and borders for global problem-solving through technological innovation. Such partnerships contribute to accelerating global initiatives towards achieving the SDGs.

Overview of the New System

The system significantly improves the process of M&A transactions, enabling more efficient search and selection of potential buyers. This will shorten the time it takes to conclude M&A transactions and make more effective use of internal resources, enabling sellers to be matched with more suitable potential buyers in a shorter period of time.


We hope that this system will bring a new wave of innovation to the cross-border M&A market, taking a step towards a brighter future. Through technological innovation, we strive to continue providing our customers with added value and contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

We are honoured to share this progress with you. Moving forward, we remain committed to advancing initiatives that support technological innovation and sustainable development.

Company Name: BINAL Co., Ltd.
Business Activities: Design, Development, and Sales of Trade Management Software “TOSS”

Headquarters: 7F Daiki Seimei Nagoya Building, 1-4-6 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya 460-0003, Japan
Representative: Haruhiko Okamoto, President
Capital: 80 million JPY
Established: April 1979

URL: https://www.binal.co.jp/en/

Company Name: Global Partners Technology Co., Ltd.
Business Activities: CIO Outsourcing, IT Knowledge Provision

Headquarters: 3F Bancho M Building, 2-8 Rokubancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0085, JapanRepresentative: Shunsuke Sakamoto, President
Capital: 30 million JPY
Established: December 2008

URL: https://gptech.jp/

GPC Gateway Pte. Ltd.
Business Activities: A Wide variety of consulting services in Business Management, Accounting and Finance, Overseas Expansion and Marketing.

Address: 80 ROBINSON ROAD #10-01A SINGAPORE S068898
Director: Miho Izumi, Yuki Itakura, Hideo Yamashita

Achievements: GPC group including GPC Gateway has supported the success of more than 800 Japanese companies expanding in the Asia Pacific region including Singapore for the past 20 years. Serving as corporate advisor to multinational corporations and SMEs in Japan and Asia, we have been dedicated to providing innovative and practical solutions. In an environment where an increasing number of companies seek strategic business partnerships and investment opportunities across borders, our group remains united to meet the strategic interests and needs of our valued clients. We are committed to continually delivering innovative and practical solutions and support to help our clients navigate and capitalize on opportunities in the dynamic business landscape.