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ギャリー タン

Gary Tan


Division & Title:

Corporate Finance, Consultant



Date of Employment:

January 8, 2018

Previous Career & Industry Sector/Department:

Investment Division – Sojitz Corporation (Tokyo)

Graduated From:
Nanyang Technological University (Department of Mechanical Engineering) – Singapore

Interview Question ① 

What is your current job description and role?

I am currently in charge of cross-border M&A (sell-side) in the Corporate Finance department of GPC Group. I am always talking with business owners in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia who are open to business & capital tie-ups with Japanese companies.

My role is to work as a team from the initial meeting with the business owner to the evaluation of the company, establishment of the acquisition scheme, handling due diligence, and closing the deal. Another important part of my job is to identify new Corporate Finance projects by expanding my personal and industry network, which is generally referred to as Business Development.

Recently, we successfully completed the acquisition of a seafood logistics company in Singapore, and I can only breathe a sigh of relief and hope that we can grow our business with the acquired Japanese company. I don’t have a typical day in particular; every day is different depending on the project, and I feel that is the charm of this job.

Interview Question ②

How would you sum up the GPC Group in a few words?

Training (Carefully Nurtured)

Interview Question ③

What was the biggest challenge compared to your previous job?

In my previous job, I was an analyst for investment projects being considered by the company, and my routine day-to-day work consisted mainly of evaluation, business plan preparation, industry research, and financial evaluation. It was a challenge for me to expand the scope of my work.

However, thanks to the experience I gained at my previous job, I feel that I have been able to connect the dots. Looking back now, I realize that in terms of my career plan, the fact that I have been able to gain so much experience at GPC Group has certainly enhanced my career.

Interview Question ④

What were the deciding factors in choosing GPC Group when you changed jobs?

The most important reason is the overwhelming number of learning opportunities and the open environment to advance my career.

As I mentioned in my previous question, it is rare to find an M&A advisory firm where I can gain ample experience in cross-border M&A, from finding investment opportunities to closing them. Another reason was that I thought I would be able to fully utilize and develop the financial and other skills I had learned in the past.

At the time of my career change, I was thinking of returning to Singapore from Japan, and I was confident that this company would allow me to make use of the Japanese I had learned in Japan in my work. Therefore, I became a member of the GPC family in January 2018.

Interview Question ⑤

What are you addicted to these days? (Answer: 2020)

I am addicted to watching Japanese reality shows and dramas such as Terrace House and Love Wagon on Netflix. (Laughs)

It is useful because I can relax and study Japanese at the same time.

Interview Question ⑥ 

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