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Yamashita Hideo


Division & Title:

Business Solution, Chief Manager



Date of Employment:

January 2017

Previous Career & Industry Sector/Department:

7 years at KPMG AZSA & Co. International Financial Audit Division

Graduated From:
Chuo University

Interview Question ① 

What is your current job description and role?

This is to propose and present tailor-made optimal structures for Japanese companies expanding into Southeast Asia.

Our clients come from a wide variety of industries, including banking, retail, wholesale, logistics, manufacturing, education, IT, and services, but every industry has its own “high road” to overseas expansion. Recently, we have been receiving many requests for turnkey projects that start with market research, acquire local clients (distributors), establish a base of operations, and then hand over the business to the client. In this case, the Marketing Department, Business Advisory Department, and Accounting Services Department are all involved, so it is a challenge to coordinate between the members of these departments and to make the client’s intentions clear. In this case, the marketing, business advisory, and accounting services departments are all involved, so I play the role of coordinating between the department members and controlling the expectations of the client’s decision makers.

In addition, I personally utilize my bag-ground as an accountant to enter client companies as CFO to implement reforms during the M&A, financing, and PMI phases, and to plan and support business transformation as the next step for companies with a long history of expansion in Southeast Asia.

Roughly, the percentage of countries I spend a month in is 50% Singapore, 20% Japan, 20% Indonesia, and 10% other countries.

Interview Question ②

How would you sum up the GPC Group in a few words?

Biz Expansion & Transforming Accelerator

Inteview Question ③

What was the biggest challenge compared to your previous job?

Former Job (KPMG International Financial Audit Department)

Current Job (GPC)


Passive Investors

Customers in front of us

Industry Area

Accounting & Auditing (IFRS & USGAAP & JGAAP)

All Southeast Asian business (Strategy, Negotiation, M&A, Marketing, Accounting, Tax, Legal, HR)


Japanese (Occasionally English)

English, Japanese

Precedents and Rules



Emphasis on Humanity

Accounting Specialist

Businessman (Ability and integrity to speak as an equal with management)

Schedule Management



Interview Question ④

What were the deciding factors in choosing GPC Group when you changed jobs?

Intuition. When I stop doing something, I try to think about why? and when I start, I try to follow my instinct. So I gave a lot of thought to why I left, but I decided on a hunch for GPC.

Interview Question ⑤

What are you addicted to these days? (Answer: 2020)


Interview Question ⑥ 

Please give a message to those who are considering changing jobs to GPC Group!

We are really looking forward to working with the talented person we never seen like you!