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ライレン チュウ

Cheow Lye Leng


Division & Title:
Chief Manager, GPC Avic Pte Ltd


Date of Employment:
January 21, 2019
Previous Career & Industry Sector/Department:

Investment industry, warehouse & logistics industry, travel agency industry, accounting agency industry, etc.

Graduated From:
The Association Chartered Certified Accountant (Accounting Specialist)

Interview Question ① 

What is your current job description and role?

Currently, I am in charge of reviewing trial balances, reporting financial statements and consolidated financial statements, and filing consumption tax returns for our accounting clients.

In addition, I am also busy communicating with the client’s staff and dealing with external auditing firms.

In addition, I am also engaged in training accounting staff and responding to instructions from our company’s executives at the same time.

As due date management is very important in accounting work, I try to submit and manage documents properly through communication with client companies in order to meet the due dates for financial reporting and tax filing as stipulated by Singapore’s Companies Act.

Interview Question ②

How would you sum up the GPC Group in a few words?


Interview Question ③

What was the biggest challenge compared to your previous job?

Compared to my previous job, I think I have a much better “work-life balance” after joining GPC Group.

Interview Question ④

What were the deciding factors in choosing GPC Group when you changed jobs?

It is in the “flexibility” of our board members. When I was considering a career change, I initially joined the company part time due to family circumstances. Later, I became full time, but the initial flexibility was helpful.

Interview Question ⑤

What are you addicted to these days? (Answer: 2020)



Interview Question ⑥ 

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