We are an independent, Japanese management consulting firm that specializes in solving client’s management issues in Asian region

Director's Message

Yasuo Sekiguchi

Global Partners Group
Founder & Managing Director
CPA of Japan
Global Partners Group has been providing consulting services including M&A, IPO and accounting & tax services in Japan since its establishment in 2000 in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. After expanded our supporting area to global in 2010, we set up our dedicated team that provides one-stop services necessary for clients to expand their business overseas, including not only cross-border M&A and accounting, but also business operations.

Thanks to your support, as a completely independent firm, we have reached the milestone of 20 years from the foundation of our group as well as 10 years since the establishment of our Southeast Asia office. As the business environment surrounding our clients has become rapidly globalized in recent years, our single member of the group are always looking to gather consulting needs and continue to change in order to provide the most advanced knowledge, information, and know-how in the shortest period of time.

Our Group continues to commit catering the highest quality of service by forming teams with most appropriate professionals as being the best partner of our client and its executives. I ensure that the knowledge, information, and know-how we have accumulated enable you to solve the challenges for your future growth.

Zenta Nishida

Global Partners Group
Head of ASEAN
GPC Singapore is aiming to be No.1 in business consultancy for Japanese business expansion overseas. To ensure that this fast-growing company continually creates more value, we are constantly asking ourselves: In terms of our services, where can we improve? What additional services can we provide? Who can provide those services?

We have finally found an answer to the above questions. Through embracing different cultures and values, we dedicate ourselves to providing our client corporations with unique services that no one else can offer. In addition, through honing our competence in execution, influence, relationship-building and strategic thinking, we are continuously improving ourselves to offer even better consulting services to help our client corporations grow.

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