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泉 美穂

Miho Izumi


Division & Title:

Chief Manager, GPC Gateway Pte Ltd



Date of Employment:

May 17, 2017

Previous Career & Industry Sector/Department:

Education Industry, Foreign franchise industry

Graduated From:
Manchester Business School (UK)

Interview Question ① 

What is your current job description and role?

My job is simply to support Japanese companies in their business entry into Singapore and Southeast Asian countries. Specifically, I conduct feasibility studies and strategic planning for business entry in each overseas market, identify potential local partners, and negotiate and prepare contracts (all of that, right?). Many Singaporean companies have expressed their desire to enter the Japanese market, and I believe that both directions are possible in the future.

Interview Question ②

How would you sum up the GPC Group in a few words?

Teamwork in Diversity

Interview Question ③

What was the biggest challenge compared to your previous job?

In my previous position at a large company with an established brand, I have experience managing staff internally and externally (franchisees). I’ve done global staff training and manual creation within the already established group companies and within the franchise structure.

Since joining the GPC Group, I have been able to meet new people and companies in a truly wide variety of industries & sectors, as if stepping out of the shell of this previous structure, which has broadened my own world view and perspective. Although not a challenge, the most exciting part of my current job is still creating new business opportunities from these many encounters.

However, thanks to the work I experienced in my previous job, I feel that I have been able to work on connecting the dots and lines since joining the GPC Group. Looking back now, I realize that in terms of my career plan, the fact that I have been able to gain so much experience at GPC Group has certainly enhanced my career.

Interview Question ④

What were the deciding factors in choosing GPC Group when you changed jobs?

When I applied for the job, the “job description” sounded interesting. It fit with my desire to apply what I had experienced in the past to more Japanese companies. Also, during the interview, I felt that this company offered a lot of “scope for thinking” rather than a style that followed the rules that already existed.

Interview Question ⑤

What are you addicted to these days? (Answer: 2020)

We will be playing in a Singapore park with the kids and exploring new stores in the Joo Chiat area near where we live.

Interview Question ⑥ 

Please give a message to those who are considering changing jobs to GPC Group!

There are many exciting projects and growth opportunities at GPC Group. If you are interested in taking on the challenge of a project that starts from scratch, please apply. We look forward to working with you.