Our company will be closed from Dec 30th - Jan 4th 2024, and will resume operations on Jan 5, 2024.


Going “beyond” with clients in a fast-growing market.


GPC has provided crucial support in establishing collaboration opportunities for businesses in numerous countries/regions, such as ASEAN region and Japan. Our consultants are dedicated to assist you in building win-win business relationships in order to rapidly establish your presence in new territories.

When making your presence known to a market, it is crucial to develop a strategy tailor-fit to the specific area. In particular, our “To Japan” business advisory service will allow you to efficiently target Japan’s mature consumer market. GPC will be able to identify and connect you with the appropriate Japanese business partner, that will allow your products/services to stand out from your competitors in Japan.

Strategy Planning and Execution Support

As a strategy advisor, we can assist you in building a suitable business expansion strategy and identifying a suitable business partner in the target market (such as Japan).

Our Services

  • Development of business expansion strategy
  • Business matching support
  • Preparation of corporate materials in English/Japanese
  • Selection of potential business partners

Cross-Border Business Negotiation Support

As a negotiator for our clients, we use our extensive experiences and connections to assist them in closing deals with prospective business partners.

Our consultants have rich experience in dealing cross-boarder deals that helps the negotiation to achieve win-win outcomes.

Our Services

  • Cross-border business negotiation support
  • Review of contracts with emphasis on critical terms
  • Support execution of transactions after the agreement is signed

Business Trans-formation / Innovation Consulting

For clients who have already established a presence in the targeted market, we provide a variety of support for further growth through innovation.

Our Services

  • Business Development Support
  • Business Restructuring
  • Marketing Planning and Support