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Itakura Yuki


Global Partners Consulting Pte. Ltd., Corporate Finance Division

Tokyo Metropolitan


What is your job description and role?

I am in charge of cross-border M&A advisory services for local companies. I started up as a founding member about 2 years ago, and currently have clients in Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam. I am in charge of finding companies for sale in Southeast Asia, searching for buyers (or investors), negotiations, and closing the deal.


What has been your most impressive work so far?

This is my first Singapore M&A sales deal since joining the company.
We had more than 10 discussions involving lawyers, accountants, tax advisors, and bankers to not only negotiate a serious price, but also to persuade multiple shareholders, detach fixed assets before transferring shares, verify the resulting tax amount, and negotiate bank transactions (release of personal guarantees and continuation of loans).

There was also the problem of having to make the decision to postpone the originally planned closing date (the date for delivery of the share certificates and payment of the consideration) by one week before the scheduled date due to delays in the banking process.

We worked closely with the seller (our client company), who was confused and anxious about the complicated structure and lengthy negotiations, and tried to explain everything carefully one by one as we proceeded. After the closing, I was told that it was the best day of my life, and all the hard work and difficulties I had gone through were blown away.


What apps do you recommend that will work in Singapore?

Using this service, you can call a cab in about 5 minutes. In Singapore, a cab can take you to most places for about $10 to $30 (¥800 to ¥2,500), so it is very convenient. If you register your credit card in advance, you can pay cashless.

While LINE is the main communication method in Japan, WhatsApp is very popular in Singapore. It is also frequently used for communication with clients.