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Coding & Programming for kids –12 Coding & Programming Courses / Schools in Singapore

Coding and Programming for Kids in Singapore

We are already living in the digital era in especially Singapore, where it’s a smart nation that Singapore will eventually become. Gone are the days when hardcopy papers are king. These days, just check your physical mailboxes at your home’s void deck. Your paper mails are decreasing. Charge up your smartphones and click on your mail apps. The thing is, everything is in your face on your screen these days especially in Singapore. Because everything is now on screen, you will need to learn the ways of the screen. Computers and online are the way to go these days, and your kids will need to start getting equipped with more than just Microsoft Word and Powerpoint. Coding and programming are what your child turning Primary One will have to start learning to face the future in Singapore. Indeed, coding and programming are the skills of the future in Singapore.

Why It is Good for your Kids to Learn Coding, Programming and maybe even Robotics?

Living in Singapore, we should already know, Singapore is moving towards a smart nation. It would not be a surprise that the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) eventually implement compulsory coding lessons in formal primary schools in Singapore. More than just needing to send your kids to Math tuition, why not give them a chance to have an edge and boast about their coding knowledge to their peers in school? With coding lessons, your kids will on top of learning coding, they can get to explore and get creative by creating their own new digital worlds and stories in the virtual world. Let them have a try in coding classes to begin!

10 Places where can you get your Kids Started on Coding and Programming

Here are some of the best places and recommended schools with quality courses to get your kids started on finding the fun with coding and programming. Some of these have either 5-star ratings from Google or are featured.

1) Computhink

Computhink provides coding and programming classes for kids starting from the age range of between 6 to 16 years old. They offer both weekday after-school and weekend options for your choice to slot in your child in one of their classes. In their classes, your kids can get to have fun with building their own Minecraft world at age 11, or otherwise begin exploring their creativity through coding and programming in Singapore from the age of 7. Here’s their website for you to look for them:


2. Code Ninja

Code Ninja keeps a small class size ratio of 1 teacher to 6 students. As such, you can be assured more focus from the teacher on your child. At Code Ninja, your child will be taught by professionals and professional developers who create coding and programming curriculum for universities and schools in Singapore and across Asia. Their classes cost from around $230 for 4 classes, or otherwise $49.50 per class. Also, another good news from them to you is that they do not only have curriculum and classes for your child, they also do have classes for you as an adult. You can do learning for yourself and then walk hand in hand at home with practicing coding and programming together. Apart from coding and programming, they occasionally also have digital animation holiday workshops as well. 


3. Loshberry Code Studio

This code studio in Singapore has ever been featured on Channel NewsAsia. There is the term “computational thinking” which is the driving force behind coding. Loshberry Code Studio focuses on beyond just coding and programming classes for your child, but implements these computational thinking skills to enhance your child’s ability for problem solving in their daily lives in Singapore. Hence, their lessons apply kinaesthetic learning as well, and include a lot of many offline activities to help your child understand better the abstract computer science concepts they will use in their coding projects. These computational thinking skills taught will eventually be useful for your children, even if they eventually do not end up growing up as programmers or developers.


4. Kodecoon

Kodecoon uses the SPEAR (Self-directed learning, Perseverance not perfection, Embrace questioning, Attitude over intelligence, Real-world application) teaching pedagogy in their curriculum. Classes can begin with them starting from the age of 6. Also with Kodecoon, students can get chances to participate in coding and programming competitions in Singapore. Your child can get to stand a chance to have a sense of achievement in victories and trophies from these competitions, which Kodecoon will help journey with your children to help them win.


5. Saturday Kids

At Saturday Kids in Singapore, students get trained in the mindset with trying out things for themselves through letting your child fail, figure out what went wrong and keep trying again. Isn’t that what life is about for us even as adults? Saturday Kids studio has been around since 2012. Also, another thing special about this school is that they let kids play with building Lego and make their Lego creations come alive and moving through the use of coding. Classes at Saturday Kids can begin from the age of 5. 


6. In3Labs

At In3Labs, they have the motto of “Integrate, Innovate, Inspire”. Apart from coding classes, they also have robotics classes to complement the coding classes as well. It’s a perfect pair to letting your child have a complete starter survival kit for their future of overwhelming technological advances. In3Labs also have interesting holiday workshops from time to time that brings in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality into the classroom for your child’s exposure and hands-on.


7. The Logic Coders

Technology in Singapore is advancing at an exponential rate, and there is a high chance that C++ Programming and Python being obsolete when your child grows up. The ideas and thought process that run the program, similar to how the same contents in English can be rewritten in different ways, and the term “coding logic” can be explained using this analogy. On the other end of coding logic there is syntax, which is similar to grammatical structures and rules in the English language, and provides a standard structure for universal understanding. Coding logic trains your child to think in different ways and lets your child understand that there is not just one way to solve problems, which is a vital skill that your child can keep to face their own uncertainties in their lives, and to be able to think more creatively beyond just coding and programming.


8. A1 Code Academy Singapore

When you think of A1, don’t you think of the top grades for classes when you were in secondary school? In other words, A1 is synonymous for success. On top of coding, A1 Code Academy Singapore also provides design and entrepreneurship classes for your child that can help set your child apart from the crowd. Beyond just A1 as a grade, A1 Code Academy aims to work with your child to strive for success from child to career.


9. Coding Lab Singapore

This school was founded by an alumnus from MIT and thus, the curriculum with Coding Lab Singapore is MIT-inspired. Coding Lab has an award winning curriculum for your child to be nurtured in coding here in Singapore. Students get to design their own interactive stories using coding and a visual programming language known as Scratch. Imagine the feeling of satisfaction on your child’s face when they proudly show you the animations they coded. Coding Lab offers programming classes starting from the age of 4.


10. LCCL Coding Academy

LCCL in their name stands for “Learn to Code, Code to Learn”. LCCL Coding Academy is one of the earliest Singapore-grown coding schools and has been around since 2012, formerly known as “The Kid Coders”. This school is located in the heart of the city at Orchard Road, and this school is led by a team of highly experienced and distinguished computer scientists.



11. The Brainery Code

Founded in 2015, The Brainery Code boasts to be the premiere provider for coding and robotics courses in Singapore. The selling point for this school is that your child gets a chance on eventually coding and programming robots. In Singapore, there is an acronym called STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), which is a carefully crafted integrated approach and learning method for the four areas introduced by the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE), and serves as a guideline for learning robotics from a preschool age. At The Brainery Code, let your child imagine, program and share their ideas! 


12. The Lab Singapore

The Lab Singapore aims to be a leader in the area of Computational Thinking in childhood education, and hence they aim to achieve excellence in their curriculum and provide the best coding and robotics courses for you in Singapore. The Lab offers kids coding classes from the age of 5. At primary one level, The Lab integrates MOE Math syllabus into their curriculum, and your child can learn both Math and coding in a fun interactive way.



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