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[Online Webinar]
Personalizing Your KPI Mastery for Peak Performance:
How to make your team KPI "Personal"?

How was your KPI performance in 2023?

Are you in negative cycle of “overcommit” to “waste time in searching for external excuse”?

Struggling to connect “Company KPI” to “Individual KPI”?

If you answer “YES” to any of these questions above, have them answered at our FREE webinar!

In this 30-45 minutes session, we will be covering these 6 topics:
✅What are KPIs?
✅How do other companies set KPIs? (Practical examples)
✅Why is it so hard to connect Company KPIs to Individual KPIs?
✅Is your KPI achievable or attainable?
✅What is missing in your KPI?
✅How to make your team KPI “Personal”?

This webinar will be held through Zoom. Participants will receive the Zoom link a week before the actual webinar day.

FREE Webinar

Topic: How to make your team KPI "Personal"?

8th Dec, Friday (12.30pm - 1.10pm SGT)
8th Dec, Friday (6.00pm - 6.40pm SGT)
12th Dec, Friday (4.00pm - 4.40pm SGT)

via ZOOM

About the Speaker

Born in Japan, Trained by Jewish, Now Enjoy business in Asia.

[HR Related]

Actively engaging CFO / HR Officer roles for client companies in Singapore with retention rate increase (50%-> 85%) and KPI advisory & training.

[Current active areas for own business]

Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia and Cambodia with multi-culture environments.

[Favourite Book]

Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies 

Who should attend this webinar?
➼ HR Professionals
➼ Team Leaders/Managers
➼ Employees/ Team Members
➼ Expat Managers
➼ Management Teams

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Bridging Success Metrics for Unified Growth

In today’s dynamic corporate landscape, aligning individual goals with overarching company objectives stands as a cornerstone of productivity and success. Understanding the linkage between “Company KPIs” (Key Performance Indicators) and “Individual KPIs” is pivotal for organizational harmony and enhanced performance.

Unveiling the Synergy:
Company KPIs

Company KPIs represent the vital metrics that define the success trajectory of an entire organization. These encompass overarching goals and benchmarks crucial to the company’s growth and strategic direction. They could range from revenue targets, market share growth, customer satisfaction levels, to operational efficiency metrics.

The Essence of Individual KPIs:
Personalized Performance Metrics

On the other hand, Individual KPIs delineate the specific objectives and benchmarks set for employees within the organization. These metrics are tailored to different roles, encompassing productivity targets, sales quotas, project deadlines, or quality standards.